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School Focus Sessions

School Focus Sessions


Each Monday and Friday afternoons, pupils will take part in focus sessions. At the beginning of each half term pupils will move as a class to one of the following areas of study:

  • IT (Information Technology)
  • PE (including Boxing, Football, Skateboarding, Rock Climbing and many more)
  • Design Technology
  • Art
  • Outdoor Learning 
  • Music
  • Feel Good Factor based in our therapeutic room


To enable children to enjoy learning: by providing the vehicle through which each child can have experiences tailormade to suit their needs; wants; strengths; ways of learning. 

To be able to improve and measure individual attainment on a personal level rather than in comparison to someone else.

  • To develop Key Skills.
  • To Improve concentration.
  • To develop individual's creativity.
  • To promote enjoyment and excellence of the curriculum.
  • To ensure children learn in the best way they can.
  • To use motivators.
  • To assist in transition times.
  • To make full use of the skills of teachers in their specialist areas.


Each subject will be taught by giving careful consideration to the principles of progression and continuity. The activities help to make the curriculum lively and engaging for pupils. Teachers will create contexts for learning that cover programmes of study of the National Curriculum.

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