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Pupil Premium

Schools receive additional funding for any pupils who have been eligible for free school meals during the last six years; pupils who are looked after by the local authority or who are in care and for pupils from families where a parent serves in the armed forces. This money is known as the Pupil Premium Grant (PPG).


If you think your child may be eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant, even if they are no longer eligible for free school meals, please contact the school office.




For the academic year 2020/21 our school is due to receive a total of £59,765.

Due to the transient nature of pupil numbers at LPS, this can vary slightly throughout the year.


The main barriers to educational achievement faced by eligible pupils at the school for 2020/21 are summarised here:

  •   ‘Lost learning’ due to significant time out of formalised education – impacting on pupils’ ability to build upon prior knowledge.
  •   Lack of healthy routine (including sleep patterns), especially for those who have been at home throughout the pandemic – impacting on pupils’ ability to engage with their learning.
  •   Emotional & mental health needs of pupils and families (including attachment, separation anxiety & anxiety relating to the virus/hygiene/personal safety) – impacting on pupils’ attendance and ability to be emotionally ready for learning.
  •   Limited communication skills as some have experienced social exclusion throughout ‘lockdown’ – impacting on pupils’ ability to interact with adults/peers appropriately.
  •   Low levels of self-esteem and resilience – impacting on pupils’ motivation and ability to challenge themselves.


The money will be mostly spent on providing wider school support and interventions focussed on supporting children’s social, emotional and mental health needs. This will then enable pupils to engage more positively in their learning and benefit from highly supported, individualised teaching and learning in class. Further details about spending can be found within the Pupil Premium Strategy.


The school will measure impact by assessing children’s social and emotional skills using Boxall Profile each term; collating pupil, parent and staff opinions and annually analysing the difference in academic outcomes for pupils eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant in comparison to other pupils in school. A report reviewing the Pupil Premium Strategy will be produced and available online each term.


 During the academic year 2019/20 our school received a total of £59,660

End of year assessment data is not available for 2020 due to the COVID restrictions, however analysis of Boxall Profile progress can be viewed in our summer 2020 impact report.

ILongford Park Special School of the Year - Pupil Premium Awards 2013

During the Pupil Premium Awards in 2013, Longford Park School was very proud to receive the award of Special School of the Year from Mr Clegg at Whitehall.  We were recognised for the progress of our pupils who were eligible for the pupil premium grant and presented with a trophy and £10,000 funding.  This was invested in new school resources and research into further improving the outcomes for this body of students.




Special School of the Year - Pupil Premium Award 



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