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Longford Park School is actively involved in many partnerships and collaborations:

University Collaborations

The school is part of a coalition of research schools working with the University of Manchester on narrowing the gap in educational attainment for disadvantaged pupils. Longford Park School is completing a piece of research looking at improving communication within the classroom to impact on positive educational outcomes.
The school is also a provider of Teacher Training Placements for MMU, Hope University, The University of Chester and Edgehill University. We are presently exploring with the Universities how the school can contribute to the Universities training and theory around behaviour.

School Partnerships

Longford Park School works with all of Traffords Primary Schools providing Outreach support around behaviour. This has recently extended into the private school sector where we are providing consultancy services on behaviour. We contribute to the authority provision through use of our expertise and national standing. At a recent local conference for school leaders we presented on use of Pupil Premium Funding. We are also active nationally and our Deputy Head Teacher chaired a day of the School Leaders Summit at the 2014 Education Show.

Pictor Special School run joint student council meetings with Longford Park School and also combine for drama and performing arts events.

Our PE Department is heavily involved with local and regional sporting activities.

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