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How We Manage Behaviour

Longford Park School is committed to managing pupil behaviour.



Our children often have very complex needs relating to their learning, ability to manage their emotions and social communication needs. We currently have 70 pupils on roll. Many other pupils and their schools across Trafford are supported through our Outreach Service. Through close partnership between the Local Authority, Trafford primaries and LPS permanent exclusions are almost non-existent. All pupils, their schools and families are taken through formal assessment processes as part of a planned transition into LPS.


The school is an Outstanding School (OFSTED), a Lead School for Trafford Teaching School Alliance (TTSA) and a National Support School. LPS has a fine reputation locally and nationally.


Given the difficulties presented by the pupil cohort; progress academically and in terms of personal, social and emotional is outstanding. Those visiting the school consistently state it is not what they expected and is calmer than almost any school. While this may not always apply, the reasons for this state can be explored by charting how the school manages behaviour.


The Values:

All primary schools share the fine values often embroidered in mission statements, we are no different. Believe-belong-become are our core values these are underpinned by a determination to do the best for each individual and to give them the best opportunities. We firmly believe that barriers to learning can be overcome through our bespoke personalised curriculum. We set up structures and interventions that reduce anxieties and increase opportunities to succeed.


This Much We know:

We are blessed with a very stable, skilled and experienced staff team. The low turn-over of staff reflects good appointments and CPD. It also reflects the fact the team ethos and rewards of the job make it a fabulous place to work. The other advantage of this is consistency and this key word underpins much of the work at LPS.


What We Do...Consistently:

Across school behaviour is addressed so our children learn through their mistakes as well as through progress. Positive relationships are the backbone of success and reinforce the schools core values. We manage behaviour by harnessing the awe and wonder of our children and to further embed the schools ethos. The behaviour management policy revolves around a points system that is applied at every lesson and break-time. Points are awarded for compliance, resilience and respect this is directly linked to pupil’s personal targets and the schools ethos. The points system leads to Good Letters home to further strengthen positive home-school links and partnerships. Stickers, a pupil party, certificates, weekly awards ceremony, pupil of the week trophy and in-class rewards proliferate.


Poor behaviour is addressed in a positive way.  Incidents of poor behaviour are explored during Golden Times throughout the day.  On occasions pupils make up time lost during their break times.


Boxall Profile is used to assess and monitor pupils' behaviour each term. In addition behavioural targets which link to the pupil's EHCP outcomes are included within each child's individual education plan (IEP) which is reviewed and shared with parents on a termly basis. 


Partnership with parents is embraced and daily information about behaviour goes home with the points achieved. Multi-agency working is prioritised.


We offer individual support, time, space and therapeutic interventions to assist each child. Through PSHEE, class work, drama, circle time, breakfast club, feel-good factor classes and the hidden curriculum we reach out to maximise opportunities for personal, social and emotional development.

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