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Headteacher: Mr Andrew Taylor - National Leader of Education Lead school of Trafford Teaching School Alliance

ADMISSIONS - We are unable to accept admissions requests from parents. All places are allocated by direct referral from the Local Authority.



For young children in particular, music can be extremely valuable in enhancing personal, social and educational development. Although research is going on all the time into the effects of music on children, active music making is thought to be linked with benefits such as better language and mathematical ability, improved results at school, better-adjusted social behaviour, and even improvements in spatial reasoning.
At Longford Park School we use some of our pupil premium money to employ Trafford music services to ensure high quality music provision and sustainable access to music for our pupils. Pupils have the opportunity to participate in weekly cornet lessons, brass band club and choir in addition to class based activities.  The participation, performance and enjoyment aspects are invaluable for our pupils.